Particle Dev, Using Libraries


I am trying to move from the web IDE to Particle Dev, the atom based software. I have code that doesn’t have any external libraries that compiles just fine. When i trying and add external libraries, in my case OneWire and Dallas Spark temperature for a ds18b20, I get errors. Even without any statements that call the libraries in my code the code doesn’t compile. It could be setting up the folder structure incorrectly so heres what it looks like;

Here are the libraries I am using:
OneWire Lib
Dallas Temperature

Note; part of the reason for the switch from web to local cli was due to compiling issues i have previously raise on this forum, here . If anyone has any better (simpler) waterproof temperature solutions I’m all ears.

Libraries should be added via the library manager

But in the other thread you stated

No matter what IDE you’ll be using, you have to use them as they are intended to be used.

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What version of particle dev was the first introduction of the library manger. I am running 1.7.3, and when i try to update from Atom > Check for update. I get the following error:
any thoughts?

The version numbers on Particle Dev are … inconsistent would perhaps be the right word. You should download and run the installer for the latest version manually. Libs v2.0 support came with the version after yours, however on Windows at least the latest version is 1.18.0 which brings its version number back in line with the stable release of Atom up which it is based.


Is there a way to install the latest version of atom and particle dev from terminal?