Particle Dev new project button in linux

Why is there a new project button (3rd from left in screen shot) only in the Linux version of Particle Dev? Is the folder structure created by new project compatible with compiling under Windows? I’m using Linux and I will track this project using GitHub, but I might want to share the project with someone else using windows. Thanks.

i have that new project button on my windows particle dev. my buttons go down left side instead of across top, that is the only difference.

Thanks. But I don’t have it If we are talking about the same thing. A have a new file button on the windows particle dev. Its the first one on the left in the screen shot. Note that the icon is different than the new project button in Linux.

My windows installation was the complete atom / particle package whereas the Linux one was atom then installed partuicle dev packages from the package manager. I’m going to try that in windows and see if it makes a difference.

on the left, 3rd one down, rollover states “start a new project”.
is that what you are talking about?