Particle dev makes nothing but empty menu in Atom

Hi, I am trying to setup the particle dev that looks so cool on the site. I did the installer, and after some hassles with different dependencies it installed successfully. According to the output. However, all I see is an empty menu in Atom. I have tries installing it again, but to no avail. Nothing like any of those cool screenshots on the website. Did I miss something?

Hi @digibio

It’s possible you need to rebuild modules after installation. If you don’t see the red bug icon, try restarting Atom. Let me know if this helped!

hi @suda,I had completely overlooked that tiny little red bug in the corner! Yes now it is working. Is my atom now permanently particlified or can I still use it in ‘normal’ way for my other projects? Thanks!

Glad to hear! It’s still a good ol’ Atom :slight_smile: