Particle menu is empty in Atom under Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS)


I’m trying to get a desktop development environment going. I’ve installed atom, then installed particle-dev and a number of dependencies using apm. Here are the current “community packages” I have installed for atom:

Community Packages (14) /home/mike/.atom/packages
├── busy-signal@1.4.1
├── console-panel@0.2.1
├── intentions@1.1.2
├── linter@2.1.4
├── linter-gcc@0.7.1
├── linter-ui-default@1.6.0
├── particle-dev@0.1.21
├── particle-dev-cloud-functions@0.1.0
├── particle-dev-cloud-variables@0.1.0
├── particle-dev-complete@1.0.1
├── particle-dev-libraries@0.2.18
├── particle-dev-local-compiler@0.1.0
├── particle-dev-profiles@0.1.15
└── tool-bar@1.1.0

When I start the GUI, I don’t see any entries in the Particle menu – it just appears blank. Also, after I installed the “particle-dev-local-compiler” package (in an attempt to get something to show up in that menu), I now get this error at startup:

Unable to connect to Docker.
Check if Docker is running (you can use docker ps -a in command line).

I installed docker, added my account to the “docker” group, and can run “docker ps -a” myself, but whatever is trying to use it from within atom doesn’t like it, I guess.

What do I need to do to get the Particle menu populated? Or does that simply not work under Linux?

Ah, I found it. There was a little “bug” icon on the bottom of the atom editor window. Clicking on that brought me to the “Incompatible Packages” screen/tab in atom, which mentioned that a package (particle-dev?) that needed to be rebuilt to work with the atom version I have installed (1.17.0). Now the editor starts up with a ribbon of particle-related buttons near the top of the window, and the Particle drop-down menu is populated.

I’m still getting the “Unable to connect to Docker” message, though.

You won’t need the particle-dev-local-compiler package to get the Desktop IDE working.

There might be bugs for that package since local compilation on the Desktop IDE is not an official feature.