Particle Dev Link Failure

I am working on a project where I have (for testing purposes so far) a mix of C and C++ files / objects. I am using a .ino and can include the proper header files but to instantiate an object or function call on the libraries results in “no compile errors” and “build didn’t produce binary”.

The directory tree and files are

software/file1.cpp / .h
software/file2.c / .h

Is there a way to view the linker errors. It would be neat if the Particle drop down had a menu item for Developer Tools which gave us some idea what is taking place under the hood.

I have identified the potential issue. Constructing another source file pair with an empty function called from setup the compile works. The problem I believe is I am using STM peripheral library functions and there is no library on the compile/link side. The next test is to add the source files for peripherals to the build.

Adding the peripheral source files produced the link error. Back to square one.

I am on a windows machine and it looks like I am going to have to install CLI.

I switched to Build and it works. Pretty cool. Debug output in the cloud. On to debugging.