Particle dev app compiler error


i’ve installed the PARTICLE DESKTOP IDE but i can’t compile the code because of this error:

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined”

can you hel me?

thank you

Do you have any class instance which uses that method? Can you show your code? Can you search for that word in your workspace to see where it is?

i’m trying to flash a very simple line of code, here are the code and the error message that appear when i try to compile with the desktop IDE

i’m sorry but i’am a beginner, what i had to search in my workspace?

thank you!

What other files are in that directory? Make sure you’ve only got the files in there that you actually want to compile.

in the directory there is only the “01 - serial comunication_REV0.ino” file that i’m trying to compile.

i notice that the folder path indicated in the message error doesn’t exist in my PC directory.

errore message path:


here is the folder in my PC (notice that the “app.asar” folder don’ìt exist. i have a folder called “app.asar.unpacked”):