Particle core 5v out available from Vin pin when connected to USB

Sorry if that me appear a bit vague, but while testing on a breadboard i found out that 5v is available on the V in pin when powered from a PC via USB.

I have been using this to power some extra circuitry that needs 5v, there is enough current available to power a 16 by 2 line I2C LCD with backlight.

Is this okay to use for experimental use, much simpler than separate supply when interfacing to other hardware. I have been running multiple examples from some previous Arduino code and hardware, porting them across with a lot of help from the Forum using code snippets that people post.

I can now get a few sensor devices running on the core, such as a mpu 9250, ( sending Pitch/ Roll ), a Sharp dust sensor, sending data to a connected LCD, and also got a ST7735 colour graphics LCD working, receiving text & sensor values. this is all thanks to the forum members who are very helpful and willing to share their knowledge, so thanks to all of the contributors to the forum.

i am happy to provide whatever code i have up to now if anyone wants it, but i am very new to this type of forum, so not sure how to post any example code, but will try if anyone interested.


You can use it as long as you are not drawing excessive current from the Core.

The limitation is the diode that goes between Vusb and Vin.

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