Particle Console function

Hi, everyone.

I got a question to ask.
What is the function of a console in the particle?
What I expect is the console have the same function like a serial monitor.

Here I give you what I see in my console.

Can anyone share knowledge about this particle console?

The doc is here–start there:

The console lets you know the status of your devices and is particularly useful if you are using Particle.publish() to send data to or from your devices.

USB serial is also available for debugging and the CLI has a serial monitor or your can use any terminal emulator.

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Hi sir @bko
Thank you for the link.
By the way, I cannot use CLI because I’ve a problem with it.
But that doesn’t matter.

Sir, are the particle console react as an IoT cloud?
If ‘yes’, I think we can send our data in Particle.

Am I’m right?

The console is a great debugging tool since it lets you see the things that your devices are publishing to the Cloud, plus system generated publishes when devices go on and offline. The console is not the Particle Cloud, just a window into how your devices are using part of the Particle Cloud.

The Particle cloud includes other things beside published events, like functions that can be called on your devices, variables that you can read from device to cloud, and over-the-air (OTA) programming of devices. If you are creating a product to sell based on Particle devices, there are features of the cloud specifically to help you program and manage your customer’s devices.

If you are having problems with the CLI, mostly likely it is the Windows drivers. Search around here for things like your problem and you find answers usually.

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Thank you, sir.