Particle IDE debug messages

Just getting started and trying to figure out how to send debugging messages from my photon to the Particle IDE. I’ve tried Serial.print, Console.print, and Log but nothing seems to appear in the IDE. Any help?

Give Serial.println instead of Serial.print a try.

Serial.print will print, as the name suggests, over serial.
Console.print doesn’t exist as far as I’m aware.

Try serial prints with a serial terminal, or give Particle.publish a shot with the console.

Added the code in the reference you cited, but still nothing. Where would I see the output? The Serial Monitor from the icon on the icon bar? The Console from the icon bar? Or the Devleoper Tools Console? I’m plugged into the Photon from the USB. The rest of the program (blinking D7) works fine.

choose from:

  1. opening a Terminal on your Mac or use a program like PuTTY on your PC.
  2. use the Serial monitor included in Particle Dev
  3. use the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE
  4. Particle CLI Serial Monitor

Option 4) command line: particle serial monitor —follow