Particle Cloud Outage - 8th Oct 2018

Sorry if I missed this, but will there be a published root cause analysis of “Device connectivity issue” outage yesterday?

I presume that most messages that had webhooks attached will have got lost during the outage period. As we are about to launch a product using Particle Cloud I would like to understand what happened and what effect it had on data going through.

Many thanks


Ditto this ^^^
in the same boat…

There should be an official announcement soon, possibly tomorrow (Wednesday).

The only photon I had online at the time stopped working yesterday after about about 30 days of uptime. It was in a breathing green state, the cloud consoled showed it as offline, and it seemed to not be doing anything. When I cycled the power on it last night, it went to breathing cyan and started working normally.

If that caused by the outage you’re talking about?

The full postmortem is here: