Particle CLI install for multiple users

Hi there,

I’m helping a high school IT person install VSCode and Particle CLI on a set of school administered laptops running Windows 10.

How do I install the Particle CLI as an admin so that all “standard” users have access to it?

Thanks much,

Unfortunately there is no easy way to do that because the Windows CLI installer always installs it per-user, in the .particle directory in the user’s home directory.

In order to make it available for all users you’d have to manually install it as a node application, such as by:

npm install -g particle-cli

You also might need to adjust the global PATH for users so it can be called. There may also be a problem using dfu-util and OpenOCD, but if you don’t need those features the CLI will still work without them.

Thanks for the assessment. Kind of had that feeling it was not going to be easy. Likely will adjust the plan , and create a common login on each laptop that the students will use. They’ll need to keep their project folders separated.