Particle Build Headache

Online Particle Build sure gets to be a headache when your .h and .cpp files begin to multiply. The file names in the tabs get clipped and you can’t find which is which.

Agreed, that system is not optimal. Why exactly are you using that many separate files, are there libraries you can’t find in the library system?
Alternatively, consider the new Particle Workbench IDE to manage your files more easily.

When you open the code drawer (</>) you can click on the names of the files to select the one you want.
You can also hover over the tab name and your browser should show you the linked address of that tab, which will also contain the respective file name.

I just adapted; rather clumsily, I’m afraid; the Adafruit ILI9341 libraries.

I got it to compile. Now to try to draw something. Another day! I’m bushed.

I personally use the Particle DEV software to handle all my code folders and it works great for keeping things organized and when working with many libraries in one project. Dev is being phased out but it’s still working just fine for me.

Yes, the code drawer seems useful.

Gets a little confused when you add a new file. Shows you the contents of an old file until you select something else then go back to it.

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