Particle Argon does not go breathing Cyan mode when connected to WiFi that is not connected to internet

I am trying to create a local server without the connection to internet. I have created a TCP server for my Aargons to connect to. But the problem is that code seem to be not running and the module keeps flashing green. I would appreciate any help.
I have attached the code below:

TCPClient client;

void setup() {
    client.connect('192.168.01', 3000);
    Serial.print("Trying to connect to server");
    if(client.connect('192.168.01', 3000)){
        Serial.print("Connected to Mona Server");
    else Serial.print("Connection Failed");


void loop() {
  if (client.status()){
      Serial.print("Still connected");
      client.println("Hello port is 80.0"); // sending data
  else Serial.print("Not connected\n");

Breathing cyan explicitly means connected to the Particle cloud - no internet, no cloud connection.

How to get your code running without internet was already addressed countless times before