Particle App on S9 only shows 2 variables

When I publish more than two variables, the Particle App running on a Samsung S9 only shows two. I can see all the variables (4 in this case) on a iPad, but the Android versions is stuck at two.
I added and removed variables in the Particle.variable declaration. iOS is always correct, Android only two and also always the same two.
This does not happen for a Photon, where it shows over 7 variables on both OS platforms.
Sample declaration: Particle.variable(“HoldMode”, HoldMode);

I can’t imagine what I am doing wrong, especially if the iOS app always works.

Maybe I answered my own question. This message is in the Particle App log file:
04-25 13:23:23.809 W/ParticleCloud(26794): Unknown variable type for device Arg1: ‘HoldMode’
I also notices this for another variable on the Photon, which I just realized does not show up on the list.
04-25 13:23:23.809 W/ParticleCloud(26794): Unknown variable type for device Photon: ‘AlertPin’

These variables are declared as bool. I see in the docs that only int, double and string are supported.
I am not sure why this is not a problem for the iOS app.

Yup, I’ve also come across this inconsistency between docu and implementation (as well as the apparent and undocumented possibility that Particle.function() seems allow handlers to return float - found in another thread).

Would be good if @rickkas7 could chime in on that :wink:

I wonder how many other changes got introduced but slipped through the cracks :thinking:

Confirming that once I declare the variables as int, they show up in the app.