Firmware with cloud variable and now string

Hello, I had my custom photon firmware with cloud variables float and now changed to string

tempAmbient (string) firm 0.70 ( pic 1)

tempAmbient (float) firm 0.63 ( pic 2)
help please?


You need to explain your problem more clearly and completely. I have no idea where the 0.70 and 0.63 come from since they are not in either picture. It would help to see your code!

I guess (Float) is a misnomer in the app. Particle.variable() never supported float but only double (as floating point type).

You need to show the code that registers Particle.variable() and the base variables for it.
But for one, it seems you are not showing the inspector output for the same device (apple vs. condo).
Both devices may well run different firmware and hence the output for both may well be correct, despite the differences.
So the info from these devices is (for us) not comparable and hence both images irrelevant (to us).

Sorry, I will re formulate the question.
On firm 0.7 ( Top Pic)

" String" does not push data to IOS Particle app.
Its temp and humi data from a dht 11 , in xx.xx format

" Float " does push , Pic 2 , with firm 0.63


It is possible that the time of registry of some of your variables falls after the closing of the registration window.
You should register any Particle.variable(), Particle.function() and Particle.subscribe() instances as early as possible in your code.
This can also be before the actual cloud connection gets established but no later than 5sec after Particle.connected() becomes true.

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