Pan-Tilt Controller Using Particle Photon and Bluetooth

What is the Pan-Tilt Controller

The Pan-Tilt controller (the device on the left) is made up of 2 servos. These servos are controlled by a Particle Photon. Even though the Particle Photon is Wi-Fi enabled, I’m not using it in this demo yet. The Photon is hooked up to an HC-05 module configured as a Slave Bluetooth device.

The device on the right hand side is the remote controller. This device is made up of another Particle Photon. This Photon gets analog signals from the two potentiometers (the Pan and Tilt controls) and the Photon calculates the position the servos needs to be rotated at and transmits this data using another HC-05 Bluetooth device configured as a Bluetooth Master (this is the device that initiates the initial Bluetooth connection).

More details can be found here on
And a Video of it functioning can be seen here, on YouTube