P1 Overhang & Keepouts

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Just in the process of designing our board to take a p1 (an upgrade from our Photon, whoop whoop!). Can I get the keepout area (namely the antenna) to just overhand the side of the board?

Additionally, we are looking at having an optional electron on the same board, pin mounted. Do we still need keep-outs observed for the Electron if we are using an external antenna (which we always will). There is minimum 5mm clearance between our PCB and the Electron. What I am probing is if the keepout is only required if we are directly mounting to the PCB.

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Hi everyone - does anyone have a take on this? I bet the question timing was just bad with the 4th holiday and all! It’d be really good to get a view on this from someone.

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You can do that at the risk of mechanical susceptibility. You could also have an all-layer keep-out below the antenna area which would be flush with the board edge. Just be sure not to have any ground copper poor on the edge of the board possibly creating a ground loop condition.

As for the Electron, as you indicated, the Electron has an off-board antenna (only!) so there is no need for a keep-out (that I’m aware of). :smile:

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Great stuff, thanks for the advice Peekay!

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Thanks for the help!