P1 Module interposer board

Hi All,

I built an interposer board for the photon P1 Module.
Reasons I did this:

  1. P1 module does not have castellated edges, making DIY assembly very difficult.
  2. Not possible to debug a DIY-P1-development prototype board independent of P1 Module, I.e. one cannot have a prototype board where you can simply plugin and pull out the P1 module.

The interposer board (image included) has eagle footprint I can share that you can use in your prototype board. You can also use 1mm pitch pin-row-header and solder to the interposer board so you can plug into your own DIY-prototype board and pull out as needed…

Note that the pads on the interposer board that mate with the pads of P1 module, have through holes in them, so you can solder P1 Module pads to the interposer board from the back – as shown in the pic attached.

It is not intended for production run. If anyone is interested, please contact me…


That’s pretty cool.

@hk101 Nice!

I just ordered up another P1 Red Board, are you breaking out more of the IO pins than the Red Board?

This interposer is not the same or (not even close to) as P1 Red Board.
This interposer board has access to ALL pins of P1 module.
However it doen NOT have ANY other circuit other than a one to one mapping to the 1mm-pitch-0.5mm-dia-holes-for-pin-row-headers.

For example: I would use the interposer board to develope my own version of P1-Red_board for prototype purposes only. For production, my eagle footprint provides for direct soldering of P1 Module on to the P-Red_board-Type-Of-DIY_board.

See footprint below:

Got it, I just was not sure if the P1 board broke out all the P1 pis or not but after looking at the schematic I see they did break them all out.

I see pro’s and con’s to each of the 2 designs with yours being most flexible but also requiring more parts for the LED and buttons ect…

The eagle board layout files and footprint for the actual P1 chip is available via their design schematic also if anybody is interested.


How much are you selling these boards for?

I just sold 9 P1’s to somebody who needed them not knowing there was a sourcing issue causing P1 boards to possibly not be instock until November possibly. Do you have any P1’s for sale also?

Yes Particle web site has an out-of-stock note for P1s. Yes I do have P1 modules. However I have only 5 of my interposer boards available as I promised 5 to another person on here. Please email me if you need more information via this forum’s private email process.