P0 device rebooting continuosly

Hi there, my P0 seems to be stuck in a firmware update loop and is unfortunately in a customer’s hand in a remote location (dubai).

Is there any fix for this? I look at the event logs from the particle console and see that the spark/status/safe-mode data looks very odd:

spark/status/safe-mode{“f”:,“v”:{},“p”:6,“m”:[{“s”:16384,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“f”:“b”,“n”:“0”,“v”:7,“d”:},{“s”:262144,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“f”:“s”,“n”:“1”,“v”:109,“d”:},{“s”:262144,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“f”:“s”,“n”:“2”,“v”:21,“d”:[{“f”:“s”,“n”:“1”,“v”:21,"":""}]},{“s”:131072,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:26,“u”:“833336CE19ACB82B5C87F8540330DBA10229DEAEE5532D07F7E0EC2A67F889B2”,“f”:“u”,“n”:“1”,“v”:4,“d”:[{“f”:“s”,“n”:“2”,“v”:109,"":""}]},{“s”:131072,“l”:“f”,“vc”:30,“vv”:0,“d”:}]}May 11th at 12:14:50 am

Anybody have this issue before?

The user has it connected to a 4G mi-fi type device. They were running some old firmware and old particle firmware (0.5.3) and our latest firmware should have pushed it to 0.6.3.

Would appreciate any other tips - the user is not able to connect it to DFU mode or set it into safe mode as we don’t expose the setup/reset buttons.

Are there any remote commands to stop the update from commencing or a way to set the P0 to safe mode and not try to start a flash update?

Is this device set to be part of a product or is it just an individual “developer” device?

Maybe @rickkas7 can pause the Safe Mode Healer for that device for a while to give you the chance to flash some 0.5.3 targeted firmware and then do the OTA system update “manually”.

It appears as if the communication never is stable enough to pull off the whole three part update.

IIRC only the Electron needed a “stepping stone” update to 0.5.5 before going to 0.6.x but I might be wrong there.

@sirhcil - Sorry to hear of this. Could you please PM me your device ID and I will take a look at the device update logs. Thanks!


Thanks guys,

I pmed the id to @mdma. The device was able to come online after a few hours of rebooting - not sure if it did it on its own or if my colleague flashed the simple LED program to it.


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