Operating Temperatures for Electron

Hi, I have some questions about the operation of the Electron at higher temperatures that I was hoping somebody could help me with. The specs call for a maximum temperature of 60 degrees. I’m assuming that is because that’s the safe temperature for battery discharge?

We’re building a device that may get very hot so we’re planning on providing the power and capacitance we need to not include a battery, but I’m wondering how the Electron will behave at these higher temperatures.

Without a battery, should the safe operating temperature be 80 degrees instead of 60 degrees?

Will the Electron software shut itself down at 60 degrees automatically or do we have the control to run it up to 80 given the lack of battery?

@KevinW, the 60 degrees is for the Electron device itself and not the battery. If you want a larger operating temperature range, you should consider the E0 module which as a top end operating temperature of 85 degrees.


Thanks peekay123… We intend to move to the E0, but initial units will be with the Electron… Just out of curiosity, we can’t see any reason other than the battery why the limit wouldn’t be 85. Do you know what about the Electron limits the temperature to 60?

@KevinW, you would need to look at temp ranges of all components on the board including the PCB. I suspect 60 degrees is the highest “aggregate” temperature. Nothing prevents you from trying at the higher temperature but that will void your warranty. :wink:


Thanks @peekay123. Appreciate the help.

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At these higher temps, you want to make sure the plastic SIM card will not start melting on you.

I’ve heard others talk about this, may want to search the forum for more info.

This issue does not exist with the E0 module of course.


SIM card limits makes total sense. I was thinking about the electronics without considering the plastic. Thanks everyone.

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