E Series Battery

The new E Series seems very promising for more robust applications. It temperature range is fantastic -20C to +85C. But what is a suitable rechargeable battery to use with this device that covers the same temperature range?

@will are you able to answer this?

I can share some of our thinking around the battery management solution on the E Series.

Basically, our thought process is that Li-Po batteries are extremely common in IoT applications, and when you can use a Li-Po battery (when operating ranges are expected within 0-40C), many to most of our customers choose to use one. By providing the Li-Po charge management system, we’re accommodating one of the most frequent use cases.

In more extreme temperature environments, the E Series module can be powered by a variety of external batteries or power supplies provided by the product creator. We will release application notes for the E Series once we begin shipping evaluation kits that outline different suggested power configurations for the module.

In other words, we’ve created a shortcut for the common use case of Li-Po battery power and provided a flexible power interface for deployments in which that’s not appropriate.

@will Thank you for the update. We are looking into an E-Series design where we have more demanding requirements for the battery. Can you already preliminary exchange some info with us regarding rechargeable batteries? Kind regards, Geert

@GrtVHecke Here is a good site showing the temp operating ranges for different battery types.

You’ll have to pick which one works best for you. None of them operate in the full range of the E-Series Electron.


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