Temperature ratings: Boron vs E-Series

I’m comparing the Recommended Operating Conditions section in the datasheets of the Boron LTE and E-Series devices. Here they are noted in the docs for clarification:

E-Series: -40 to 85 C
Boron LTE: -20 to 60 C

Obviously there are some new components in the Boron LTE, like the Nordic nRF52840 chip. The Nordic spec sheet says the rating is -40 to 85C. Nice! At least with the original Electron 3G and the E-Series, I was always under the impression that the limiting component that affected the temperature ratings was the sim-card slot. The physical sim card slot was note rated due to the flexing and potential intermittent disconnection of the terminals. The reason the E-Series has a higher temperature rating is because of the onboard e-Sim chip.

So, with all this being considered, with the introduction of the e-Sim chip to the Boron LTE, wouldn’t that make its operating temperature rating as high as the E-Series: -40 to 85C?

If so, I don’t see any reason to go with the E-Series over the Boron LTE. It’s more expensive anyways.

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I guess it comes down to volume. Dealing with thru hole parts is going to be more problematic than SMD at large volume. That said, I just bought a large rectangular solder pot which should significantly speed up our process. We are anticipating <100 units per day and that means it is probably a no brainer to stick with the Boron. Hopefully Particle with reduce the price differential in the future and we will revisit this issue.

I agree with you @Darmitage. Though I see there may be an Boron version of the E-Series coming out in the near future, so should be interesting.

A solder pot is a good idea for low-volume. Thanks for the idea!

The SoM B-Series has already been announced - I doubt there will be another version of the B-Series that would go the direct SMT route the E-Series went.

Ah yes, that is what I was thinking about, @ScruffR ! Still a nice idea to get away from any soldering. Would be curious on the temperature ratings of that SoM B-Series to see if it’s any lower than Boron.

That reminds me, nobody answered my question about the temperature ratings of the Boron with the introduction to the E-Sim card.