Old school pager

Is there a way to make an old school pager?
it should just recive messages over wifi and show it on a small screen.
some lights, rumble or even sound notification.

If this in concept is feasible, what is needed?


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@eivl, absolutely! There are several ways but the easiest is to use Spark.subscribe() to listen to a “pager” event and receive text from it. There are a number of displays supported by the Core/Photon so displaying would be easy. For lights, you could use the on-board RGB led or add your own (eg. neopixels), add a vibrator motor with a simply transistor driver and a beeper for the sound (again with a simple transistor driver). How to do expect to send the “pager” a text?

That is super, discussing this idea with our company and we found out that we just need vibration and optional sound. just need a button to confirm that the “message” has been noticed. I will dig up my old core and do some testing :wink:

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