"OK Google, what's the temperature in my greenhouse?"

Hi, I have successfully used a particle photon, and the blynk app on my iOS device to automate my greenhouse. With a temp/humidity sensor and a CO2 sensor, I can set limits, and have the photon turn on/off heaters and an exhaust fan. I can also see a history of the sensors in the blynk app.
Now, I’d like to be able to use my google home, to just say, "OK Google, what’s the humidity in the greenhouse?"
I found some info talking about use the website IFTT, and adding the Google assistant, and Particle into it, which I’ve done, but I’m needing more help on setting it up. Is there an example somewhere of someone asking google home for a number, and then fetching it, and reporting it back thru google home?

I don’t how to do this with Google Home, but on iOS, the new shortcuts app lets me do this with just Particle Cloud variables and functions. There has traditionally been a number of Alexa users here too so that platform is represented.

The person I’m setting it up for is an Android user, so Siri won’t work. I have successfully set up an applet that will let me say, “OK Google, what is the greenhouse temperature?”, and then it will run a function that toggles an LED on/off. But it seems a lot more complicated to get a variable (temperature) and have google say something like, “It’s 78 degrees in the greenhouse”. Maybe it’s not possible. :frowning:

In iOS shortcuts for the Particle Cloud the steps are:

  • Setup variables for the device ID and auth token.
  • Build the Particle Cloud URL from these variables
  • Get the contents of the URL
  • Use a JSON parser on the URL GET result to get the value of the key “result”
  • Format that to 1 decimal place (optional)
  • Set the formatted results in to a variable
  • Make the the text, “It’s <variable> degrees in the greenhouse”
  • Speak that text and wait for the speaking to be finished.

It is not a one-line “program” but if you break it down, it is fairly simple.

Maybe Google is similar?

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I´m looking for the same problem, I need google assistant give me some analog value from my Particle Photon. HELP!