Central heating control with scheduler

Hi all

I have just done my first project using particle to control my home heating.

It uses google calendar to do all the heating scheduling and i have built and iOS app to manage and control everything.

I have removed all “intelligence” away from photon into a server application, built using java that do all the interface with google calendar and a mongodb database to store and record all temperature measures during the day.

solution diagram:

iOS app dashboard and daily chart:


Wow that’s amazing. I’m new to home automation although I am reading as much as I can.

I want to build a simplified system for controlling the heating in our Village Community Hall.

My goal was to use an IFTTT Applet to control a Photon and attached relay from Google Calendar. Our hall booking uses two Google Calendars (one for each room) and the intention is for a Google Calendar “event” to turn on the heating 15 minutes before a booking and immediately after.
I would really appreciate if you would share how you got your system working. I don’t really need the iOS app or temperature control as that set locally but just to switch two relays attached to each heating controller plus a local override button would be useful.

Looks like you only need a path to talk with Google Calendar.

To keep Photon code simple I have built a java API that handles all the Google calendar complexity into simple operations that I have hooked and with Particle functions and variables.

What I have understood: you simply need something to turn the local controller on and off based on the calendar bookings and have the option to override the calendar locally correct?

Thanks BBarosa, Sorry for delay in responding. I never got an email notification of you post!
Yes that’s exactly what I am looking for.
When we set a booking(event) in google calendar we want the heating turned on at the start (or 15 min before) and then off again at the end of the event.
We also need users to be able to override that state preferably by push of a button. i.e. if they want the heating either on when its off or off when on until the next event resets it.
We have two calendars each for a separate room so assume will need two Photons and two relay boards unless one Photon can handle two calendars/relays?