Offline version of Particle Docs

Here is an offline version of Particle Docs. Handy for when you need to work offline and have a some available reference. Download the zip file, extract, open the index,html
(Google Drive link)

i’m wondering if you can distribute this off of onedrive. my zip lacked the majority of the documents and the error log states
“Some files weren’t downloaded. The limit of file downloads has been reached. The total number of file downloads cannot be greater than 200”
so it would seem either you need to adjust, if you can, the number of files you can distribute or maybe i do? not sure. in any event you could try another service.

I don’t think there are any limitations. Are you clicking the Download button in the upper right corner? It will download the zip file in its entirety.
Or are you selecting folders individually? I will check it out though…

Here it is on Google Drive -

Make sure to read the included Read_Me file.

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I posted a link to it on Google Drive. You can try downloading from OneDrive again using the Download button in the upper left corner. It’s possible you were downloading it while I was re-uploading it again after making a few changes.

the google drive one was complete. filesize 335MB. the one drive one allowed 200 files at 90MB filesize.
thanks for doing this. gonna be nice for airplane reading.

No problem! Google Drive seems to work better so I’ll remove the other. I needed an offline version myself for the same reason. :wink: