Particle DOC Exportation

I purchased the book for the Particle Photon, but I found it pretty wanting and not really helpful as much as I wanted. I have attempted to print the current Particle Docs on the Photon and Electron, but an unable to. (it only grabs the current page, not the entire system since it is a encapsulated webpage)

Would it be possible to have the “DOCS” exported to a PDF like most other datasheets so I can reference it without internet access or a computer? This has been rather frustrating to keep going back and forth to a PC to build something…

Also if the information gets out of date, so be it, the book I bought barely covers the pin-outs of the Photon, and isn’t near as useful as the entire docs pages.

For the time being there isn’t a “single page” version of the docs, but you could download the GitHub repo as a zip file from here

For times without net connection.

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