Offline (local) development environment

Is there a possibility to install a local development environment for spark? So that one can continue developing and testing as well when there is no internet connection? This would be really helpful.
If so can anyone please tell me what all needs to be installed? Preferably for Mac and Windows.

This is what you need to do: Spark Core Firmware

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This is pretty useful:

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I don’t know about Mac/Windows, but on Linux the main thing is not to bother trying to get anything from apt-get, the debian packages are uselessly out-of-date.

Compile dfu-util 0.7+ yourself and just download gcc-arm-none-eabi and add the bin directory to your $PATH, then just git clone the three repo’s as per the github instructions

i couldn’t get eclipse to work but i’m not an IDE type of person anyway, geany works for me.