Offline compilation of code for electron

I wrote a code to run on electron board. Code works fine. But when I tried to run it offline,( I downloaded this firmware: It gives me error that example, utils.h: no such file or directory. Actually, My header file is in different folder than my application.cpp file. So it’s like in user/applications folder , there is myapp folder inside this folder I have application.cpp file and I made a separate folder containing header files, that is user/applications/headers. Soo now when I run command from modules folder that is make PLATFORM=electron APP=myapp, it gives me the error that I said above. I think there is need to do some changes in Makefile. Can please anyone give me some idea, how can I resolve it?

Thank you, Arjun

What if you try using po-util?

It makes it easier to use the Particle Toolchain, and makes it easier to build firmware.

If you were using po-util, you could put all of your libraries in the same directory as your code, or in a subdirectory, and just put something like

#include subdirectory/library.h
To include the libraries.

Hey thanks for your reply, but I don’t want to do this #include subdirectory/library.h as it’s not a good practice. I want to make some changes in makefile so that my code gets build. In user/applications there is INCLUDE_DIRS += $(SOURCE_PATH)/$(USRSRC) # add user sources to include path I found this in so using this I gave path of my header.
for example, INCLUDE_DIRS += $(SOURCE_PATH)/$(USRSRC)/header # add user sources to include path

but still stuck at the same error.

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