Off to a bumpy start - disheartening for a ME

I ordered my MESH kit and a Grove Kit on Black Friday and it finally came in and I’ve finally had a little time to sit down and play with it. I first got the Argon on line at work and did the little blink example and was like okay, this is going to be really neat. I came home and got the Argon on the Wifi here and started setting up the Xenons and worked my way through the flashing green IPv6 issue and reset my router for IPv4. So onward and upward. I get my Grove Shield out and get it all hooked up and I figure I’d start with the DHT sensor because I have a bunch of them at work on a project with an Arduino MEGA and I figured it would be a good starting place. First I have issues with code not compiling and the little wheel spinning in Chrome and I read about clearing the cache and using incognito …That helps, then I get into this “No file or directory found” deal with the libraries and I start reading how some have worked around with copying and pasting .ccp and ,h files for it to compile. This is a bit much “jiggling the handle” on the proverbial toilet for this mechanical engineer. These devices look like they will be a lot of fun and very useful, but I’ve burnt a whole afternoon fighting with this stuff. Looks like firmware is coming for the IPv6 deal maybe in the next week or so? Any fixes for the web IDE in the pipeline for the libraries, or is there another way around it? Just venting my frustration, not throwing off on the product. I think it’s going to be cool, but I guess I wasn’t planning on such a tall learning curve or something. Much I find is really PEBKAC error. Thanks!

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Your better off waiting on the new RC26 Firmware that should be out this week hopefully.

As it is the MESH and Argon are very unstable so it’s just not you having issues.

I also burnt up a couple of days trying to get everything working only to find out it’s just not stable yet.

They are working on everything so in the not so distant future everything should be as stable as the older more mature product line.

Okay. thanks for the advice. I’ll just keep an eye out for updates.

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Hey folks – just wanted to let you know that rc.26 has been released with various stability, range, and setup updates and improvements.

You can find instructions for updating your 3rd Gen hardware to rc.26 on the following site:

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Sounds good! I’ll give it a go.