Off the shelf local USB serial data capture & analysis?

Are there any off the shelf software solutions that would allow us to capture our sensor data to a local computer for analysis and visualization?

Think of Losant, Thingsboard, Blynk, etc dashboards and data viz but without the bandwidth cost, platform fees, and network delay.

We’d like to be able to pull our sensor data directly off the Photon USB as fast as possible (millisecond speed?) record that to a DB and present that data visually.

Struggling with Google searches to come up with anything out of the box.

This is the closest I’ve found but seems to require some serious development time:

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There was another post recently where someone was using PLX-DAQ. It’s a plugin of some sort to get serialized data into Excel. It seems like the manufacturer isn’t actively supporting it but you may find it does what you need:

I could imagine sending your data to a local database via a custom web API written in .Net core. I have done something similar to get data into my SQL database. The custom API was written in a few minutes using examples for .Net core. I don’t know if you could push at millisecond intervals. SQL should be able to handle it but I’m not sure about the webserver front end.

Thanks @ninjatill will look into that.
Bummer that it was abandoned though.