Obtain device ID but not as a string


Hey follow makers!

I need to get the device ID as a value (an array of uint32_t for instance), not a string, but would prefer not to have to convert the string I can obtain from System.deviceID()… Any chance the value is stored somewhere and easily accessible?

For the curious, the need for the value is because I’m re-encoding the data I transmit (via SAT among other) to save space, and any bit counts (1 buck per 50 bytes…). So rather than sending a 24 bytes string, I’d rather send 12 bytes…


PS: I know converting the string is not too much work, but if it’s already stored somewhere there’s no benefit…


I can’t answer your request directly, but since the device OS is open source, I can give you a pointer :wink:

This might be an entry point for further investigation.