Get device name and ip as a string that can be sent over TCP server

Hey guys! I am working on a project for my local robotics club, I need to send the device name/ id as well as ip address/port over a TCP/IP or UDP connection. I have looked around a bit for a method to find the device name and ip outside of using the cloud. I dont want to use publish or something like that for this task, but that seems to be the only option that I can find. Thanks!

device name is a :cloud: parameter. The device doesn’t actually know it’s own name! Only the :cloud: does. :wink:

At best, you can use the 2 parameter:

(ScruffR: Just made the links clickable ;-))

Okay, I’ll take a look, Thanks! I just want to try and stay away from the cloud so I can use Wi-Fi without internet. not to mention, connection to the cloud isn’t always very fast.