Numitron Clock - Mohit Style

@mohit Came across your Numitron Clock build and wanted to see if you are willing to share the pcb design files, I would love to build one of these using a Photon.

A video of the Numitron clock in action. The naturally slow refresh rate of the filaments is very soothing.

— Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे (@MohitBhoite) January 28, 2019



Hello @RWB

I have added the design files here:
Please feel free to modify/ re-share as you deem fit.


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@MohitB Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Did you use a particular library for the controlling the chips? Or can you share the code also?

Your projects are really cool and I check in on your Twitter page to keep up with what you are doing every now and then.

Keep up the good work!


Here is a code that I had cobbled together. Plenty of room to optimize here.

(I’m using the MAX7313 library along with the RTClib.)

Appreciate the code!

Where did you pick up those tubes? They look nice and clean and I’m looking for the same quality if I can find them.

Just got them from Amazon. I was too impatient for eBay at that time.


Thanks for saving me the time of searching for a good set of tubes.

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