Not yet to cloud, all done updated

My photon is still not yet to cloud.
Although it has updated successful

What does the RGB LED do?
Post a video (min. 30sec) of the device(s) trying to connect.

always blinking cyan - (connecting the cloud) not done

how it does?
i have done update, flash --usb tinker,… following all guide (two photon)
id1: 1d0020001347343339383037
id2: 250044001147343339383037

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Another My photon has connect Wi-Fi, cloud, verifying owership successful and next step it is show offline (no online).why is it

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What’s the LED doing?

It blinking cyan >10s and yellow blinking 2s and back to cyan.
I can not upload video

You can upload videos to any video platform (e.g. YouTube) and post the link.


Just reading through the screen shot you uploaded, I noticed that the wi-fi network you are trying to connect to is CAFE, and then I loose the rest in edge of the frame.

My thoughts are:- Are you trying to connect over an Internet Cafe, or other public wifi?

The Particle platform will have trouble connecting through certain types of Public Hotspots, particularly the type you have to sign in to, because it can not sign in for itself.

Just a thought