Not charging from solar if battery is below about 3.85v

I must be doing something quite wrong, but here’s my charging code:

SystemPowerConfiguration conf;

I’ve tried various values for the above, but nothing seems to matter at the lower battery voltages. Charging takes off just fine if the power happens to bump up high enough. What am I doing?


Have you added a PMIC reset? i.e.: System.setPowerConfiguration(SystemPowerConfiguration());

What Device OS are you running?

I admit that I don’t fully understand the implementation of this command (especially for E-Series), but maybe it’s causing your problems?

.batteryChargeVoltage(4110) isn’t one of the options either.
I think you want (4112) or (4208) for the termination Voltage.

You might want to Reset any previous “Sticky” PMIC calls as @lanceseidman suggested, and then only these 2 settings for a Panel test:

    .powerSourceMinVoltage(5080)  //assuming a 6V Panel
    .batteryChargeVoltage(4208)  // or (4112)

Finally got a chance to implement since the hurricane (yay florida):
I added the SystemPowerConfiguration() line, changed to 4112 for batteryChargeVoltage, removed the USE_VIN line and set the powerSourceMin to 5080: still no luck.

Any other ideas?


Anyone by chance have a known-good complete solar charging code for E-Series of a similar OS version I can test?

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