setChargeVoltage Command with Solar Panel with battery system

Hi! I have a solar panel connected to the Particle’s Vin pin and a Lipo battery connected to my Li+ pin. My solar panel is a 5.6W,6V panel and my battery is a 3.7V 10000 mah battery. How do I use the setChargeVoltage command? I couldnt find any information about it in the Documentation. I believe it sets the minimum operating voltage for the solar panel. What should I set this voltage to?

Thank you!

This post explains how to use it. Note that the reason it’s not set higher is that the Electron does not include a battery temperature sensor. The default charge voltage is appropriate across the operating temperature range.

If you set the charge voltage higher, make sure you don’t exceed the safe charging voltage based on temperatures, especially if the temperature will exceed 45°C.