SystemPowerConfiguration OS1.5.0

This is on an E-series LTE board with OS 1.5.0

I’ve tried implementing the following into my code, to have the battery charge to 4.21 volts for termination. After using the below code it doesn’t appear that the battery is charging past 4.13 volts and SOC of 92%.

Is there something else that I need to include in the code to get the termination voltage changed?

SystemPowerConfiguration conf;
        // .feature(SystemPowerFeature::PMIC_DETECTION) 
        // .feature(SystemPowerFeature::USE_VIN_SETTINGS_WITH_USB_HOST);

    int res = System.setPowerConfiguration(conf); // returns SYSTEM_ERROR_NONE (0) in case of succes

I’ve noticed that once the VIN is removed then plugged it back in, it shows it’ll charge the battery to 4.21 volts for a few seconds, then the voltage goes back to 4.13 volts and charging is done.

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