NFCRing NTAG203 Reader

One of my projects-to-be is to do certain functions when I touch my NFCRing (NFCRing) to the device. Different things like unlocking doors, firing off secured actions, etc…

I’m thinking of using the MIFARE™ Module SL018 (, but if anyone has any better/easier/cheaper/smaller suggestions for an NTAG203 Mifare-compatible NFC reader, I’d love to hear them!

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I also just found the Xadow NFC board, it looks nice because the antenna is flexible: Xadow NFC

I just don’t know if that ribbon cable meant to work with their special Arduino would be mungeable to connect to a Spark Core?


I was having a hard time finding more information on that ribbon cable, I think it’s designed to be modular with Xadow’s other modules. It looks like this sensor does I2C, and UART, so I would think it should work with the Core, but I don’t know much about that product line.

There might be a more bare sensor that might do the trick, maybe something like – maybe someone who’s played with 13.56Mhz NFC / rfid stuff can recommend something.


The Stronglink readers work nicely with Arduino

Here’s some intro:

and the library:

Good luck :smile: