Newbie - library header file not found MQTT

I am using the local Web IDE and trying to get MQTT going. I found the library and select to add to the project.
However, when I attempt to compile the project I get error …/MQTT.h: No such file or directory. /src/MQTT.t.1.21

Same happens if I attempt to compile the simple MQTT example (mqttqotest).

Do I need to do something more than add the library, like copy the library to my project ?




Further to my last post. I found if I “view” the library it downloads it with the examples etc. I tried the DS1820 library and it compiles ok but the MQTT example does not, still has a missing “mqtt.h” file

There is a local IDE (Particle Dev) and there is a Web IDE (Particle Build) - these are two individual creatures :wink:

To add the library sources to your project you would import it like shown in this post

If this does not work for you the same way, consider updating Dev (especially the particle-dev-libraries package).

I managed to get it working by creating a new project folder on my drive and copying the library files into the same folder.