New user - Need information


need some information on getting started with Spark Dev kits.

Am trying to get a developement Kit and will try to connect it to my account on Amazon AWS IOT.

Am looking for entry level hardware,
What all do i need to purchase for eg : A temperature monitor (including or excluding sensor on this site)?
Get temperature and post the data to AWS IOT ?

thanks, appreciate any input.

Hey there,

welcome to the community!
For a simply temperature sensor, not much is required. If you’ve got the Particle Dev kit, you’ve already got everything you need. A DS18B20 should be included, which is easy to setup up, and fairly accurate. Should you want humidity as well, and accuracy isn’t that important, a DHT22 might be an option. Searching for either of these two should give you quite a few topics on how to use them.
Assuming Amazon has an API available for their service, you could use the HTTP(s) library to post data to that. Webhooks is another option. Depending on what you can do on the amazon side, you could GET variables, or subscribe to SSEs.