New release of SoftAp Setup?

Hi @bryce, do you know when the next release of SoftAp will be out?

There has been 20 commits to master since the last release v3.0. I can’t wait to deploy all the new goodies to our web app. :smile:


That releases page is a little outdated. v4.0.1 has been out since Feb 26, 2016. There are 6 more commits that need a release though.

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Thanks @bryce. I saw that release but I wasn’t sure if it was the official “latest release” or a beta version. We will move to use that one.

@bryce, How do I set the device name. Is there a way to set the device name during the softap-setup? I tried to set the device name during the claim process but according to the document I can only post deviceid and access_token.

You could set the device name easiest via Particle Build or CLI (or numerous other ways)

Device name is something that is stored in the cloud, not on the device. As @ScruffR said, the CLI or Build is the easiest way to do that. If you need to change it programmatically, then our API is the best way.

@ScruffR and @bryce @Moors7 , Thanks guys. @Moors7 has also pointed out the document particle.rename device. I thought that naming the device could be done part of the setup and claim process within softap-setup-js. Can someone verify the following new device setup process on my web app:

  1. get deviceId from softap-setup and set wifi credentials
  2. claim device with deviceid and user access_token (ParticleJS)
  3. rename device on the P cloud (ParticleJS)

I have avoided the step of requesting and setting claim_code within the softap-setup. Would that work?