Device claiming after SoftAP setup

Hi all

I’m currently working on a web app to set up WiFi and organise claiming for customer devices.
A lot of work has gone into the SoftAP side of things (Photo SoftAP Usage) however I’m still a bit lost as to the most intuitive way to claim the device after WiFi setup.
My current workflow is this:

  1. Create customer using Particle API (simple authentication) using previously generated OAuth credentials.
  2. The Particle API returns a redirect_uri after customer is created which redirects to the softAP page with a hash followed by the new customer access token appended (great!)
  3. Disconnect host from internet, connect to photon and send WiFi details using SoftAP JS library
  4. Prompt customer to reconnect their host to the internet and click a button to ‘claim’ their new device which will in turn use the cloud API to send the newly found device ID from the SoftAP JS library and the customer access token (appended to the URL) and claim the device.

Now I think all of this should work, however it feels a bit clunky. If it’s the only way of doing it, then I’ll live with it :slight_smile: but just thought I’d check to see how others are managing the process?