New Photon Carrier Board


I have edited this post to reflect the changes I have made in this board.

I will provide full BOM details when I update my AquaMaster project on This is an outdoor project which is why I included ESD and over voltage protection on the power lines.


  • 12V in and a high-current MOSFET switch for turning on inductive loads (solenoids motors)
  • optional - independent hardware watchdog timer
  • i2c, Analog and Digital IO headers
  • optional - Varistor and fuse protection for external power lines

OSHPark link to the board is here, I ordered mine today (3 for about $12.50)

Here is the Github repo with the EAGLE files.

I plan to order these boards this week and build and test the board. I will update this page once I do. Until then, consider this a work in progress.

Enjoy! Chip