New Particle device with ZigBee (or similar?)

Hi, I just saw a post about using a Photon with ZigBee and I immediately thought it would be pretty cool to have a Particle device with native ZigBee support.

Do you have plans to extend Particle to other Wireless protocols?

Recently a connected product call Bluz was successfully Kickstarted. This is based on Bluetooth 4.0. I am not sure about native ZigBee protocol support. If you want to use ZigBee with Core/Photon you can use XBee or similar products and communicate via UART.

There some projects I have done with XBee and Particle Core, it is all posted here. A simple search will give the links in case your looking for such integration.

Hi, thanks for the input. But I’m more thinking along the line of another Particle (like the Electron) but with ZigBee instead of GSM.

You can totally interface the particle directly to a zigbee radio using RS-232. The joke is, in my experience the 802.15.4 module will outcost the particle by 2 or 3 times. But there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. Things get really exciting when you talk about interfacing with the cellular radio.

Sure, but as I said before, I don’t need a second module attached to the Photon, but instead would like to leverage Particles ability to provide inexpensive modules including fleet management and cloud connectivity.

Just not with wifi only :wink:

@alterschw3de, I don’t believe Particle has any plans for a Zigbee module. However anyone can take the open source firmware and adapt it to a different stack via the HAL. This is what Bluz is doing. :smile:

@peekay123, yeah seems like it :slight_smile: Really unfortunate!
Regarding the “anyone” allthough I’m all for lifelong learning, there are many thanks I can do, yet building microcontroller will probably never be a part of my particular skillset :smiley:

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