New installer for CLI

Hello all.

We've got a major upgrade on how we distribute and install the Particle CLI.

All the Javascript files and Node itself is packaged into a single executable (~/bin/particle on Mac/Linux and C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\particle\bin\particle.exe on Windows) so it downloads and updates a lot more quickly.

The Windows installer now works completely offline.

The CLI now works natively on Mac ARM and Raspberry Pi 2+.

Workbench also uses this packaged CLI so initial installation of the CLI inside Workbench is much faster.

If you already have the CLI installed using the CLI installer, it will automatically update.

If you need to install the CLI, visit Command Line | Getting Started | Particle


HUGE UPDATE!!!!!! Awesome awesome awesome!



can you confirm the version? after the update i get 3.23.6 (which does not seem like a "major" update?)

frank@Aussimento ~ % particle --version

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That is the correct version. The reason is that the CLI itself is basically unchanged, it's just the installer that wraps it changed.

The current versions of the CLI are listed in the historical version list. This list is automatically updated as new versions are released.

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