Networking Photons and Electrons

Is it possible to create a network using the Electron as a node (i.e. router)? The concept is to connect multiple Photons (with sensors attached) to an Electron, and have the Photons’ sensor data connected to the Cloud via 3G. Thanks for the help, I’m just a beginner.


the Electron is a cellular only device and the Photons are WiFi only so there is no means for the two to communicate with each other wirelessly. If the area where they are to be deployed has no WiFi the photons won’t be able to be updated, sync time or do any of the other things they are designed to do over the network.
you could approach this several ways:

  • Make the photons much simpler Arduino devices connected back to the Electron via a serial bus - something like RS485.
  • Buy a small 3G WiFi router and connect all your photons to that.
  • Use boards instead - so an electron in the gateway and then modules instead of photons for your multiple devices connected to it.

Of course an electron can talk to many devices&sensors over all sorts of wired and wireless connections so you should always be sure you need multiple smart devices connected to your gateway.


Unless things have changed on the Bluz front, care needs to be exercised in using an Electron in the gateway, as the Bluz devices are rather “chatty” and can use up your data plan quickly.


Thanks so much for your feedback, @Viscacha. This helps a tremendous amount.

FYI - For the bluz route, we have a simple way to connect multiple devices to an Electron gateway without using up your monthly data plan, which can happen as @ctmorrison mentioned. You can read about how to do that here: