Electron as master and Photon as slave

I am developing a product which would be kept in a place where there is no network access. So am using electron as the network provider. Consider three swimming pools in each swimming pool i want to measure temperature and chlorine level. So in one pond i keep an electron and the other two ponds with photon and sensors connected to all three devices individually. Now how do i make my electron to provide wifi to the rest of the two photons so that those two photons can get connected to the network shared by the electron and send the data to the cloud through each device. Can anyone help me out with this?

You can’t since the Electron does not sport a WiFi module.
I guess you want to avoid using wires, so what you could do is use an Electron for the connection and connect the two Photons to it via Bluetooth (three addon BT modules required) or go for a Bluz (BLE) setup where you use a Bluz-Electron gateway replace the two Photons with Bluz nodes.
A third option would be three Photons talking to some 3rd party 3G/4G-WiFi-AP.

Thanks alot sir.

A fourth option would be an Electron master, and some low-powered Arduino based sensors communicating over a RF module, 433MHz or 2.4GHz.

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Assuming that you wont have easy access to electricity at the pools, you may want to consider 4 units. The electron would be installed in a location with power. The 3 remote units would be battery powered and normally sleeping. All 4 units will require whatever RF radio you decide on.