Network monitor or service to monitor Photons/Cores

I’m having occasional issues with devices dropping offline. I went away at the weekend and my front doorbell didn’t work the whole time I was away, driving my wife nuts, because the apple transformer I’d been using to power the Core had failed. I’m wondering what you guys use to monitor your Cores/Photons? I tried Tinamous but whilst it sounded PERFECT for my needs, I found it buggy and prone to false positives and false negatives! Maybe I just had it configured wrong but it didn’t seem like it would work for me. Basically I just want a push notification or failing that an email when a Core/Photon is showing as offline on the console for more than 2 minutes. Happy to setup a RaPi to monitor or a web ping service…just looking for recommendations.

( Also interested in recommendations on reliable power bricks for my devices!! :slight_smile: )


You could try IFTTT. There’s an event you can trigger when a device has been inactive. When a device has been offline, you could send an email out. No RPi needed though that sounds fun to set up.

Thanks for your reply!

Having a look at IFTT @tommy_boy - problem is all of my devices periodically go offline - but they come back usually within 10 seconds and worst case they’re offline for about 1 minute - it’s the “not coming back online without intervention” & “offline for longer than 5 minutes” events I’m looking to catch.

I think if I subscribed to all offline/online events using IFTTT I’d be inundated with push notifications.

What do you reckon?

I’ve been using the commercial version of Ubidots for over a year for a commercial product I created. They do have a free version you could use for your offline/online event. In the event creation process, you’re able to set time limits the devices have to be offline for an event to trigger. Sounds exactly what you’re looking for. Ubidots is made by a great team too. I’ve always gotten quick and accurate support for issues I’ve had setting things up. There is an Ubidots library you can add to your project to get things going.