Network class / set of functions - where are the docs?

The use of Network.localIP() etc set of functions are referred to in the documentation (mentioned in reference to TCPServer), but they’re not defined in the same way in which Spark.x(), Serial.x(), SPI.x(), etc.

Where can I find the documentation for the Network set of functions (/class)?

So far, I can see there is:


…but is there any more?


Here ya go :smile: That looks like about all there is…

I had the thought that the Network class would be a logical place for a (better) interface to the wlan_ioctl_get_scan_results functionality that a bunch of you have shown us how to use for RSSI and SSID scanning.

Thanks @BDub

If the team needs help with come community documentation, would like to help. @zachary @zach

Yeah I didn’t know about this for SSID, so I think this saves like 4 lines of code for that… but RSSI was not implemented yet and could be wrapped up in the NetworkClass for sure :wink:

Awesome, I’ll wrap my RSSI function in the Network class. Gimme a bit and I’ll throw up a beta. Just now getting back up to speed coding. (They had two of my fingers taped together which made it near impossible to type, so this morning I just did my own bandages and tape half a tongue depressor to the really broken finger so I can type with it! At the very least I can use it for backspace and such, just have to override a few muscle memories; it’s amazing how quickly you can adapt!)

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Thanks for the offer to help @binaryfrost! Our docs are completely open source, and we welcome pull requests!

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Just letting you guys know the RSSI feature is next on my list once I finish the Digole Library tonight. :smiley:


Tonight? :crying_cat_face: Heh heh just kidding… I’m buying time fixing up LiquidCrystalSPI.

LOL, well I’ve got SPI and SoftSPI working. All I’ve got to do now is find the best timing for I2C and I’m done. (I know I2C works so that will be simple.)

I promise you’ll have it tonight! :heart_eyes_cat: